Air purification in an efficient and energy effective way

Pollution of water and air has caused concerns for decades. In recent times the macro consequences have been subjected to agreed international protocols, aimed at reducing pollution. Additionally, national and international laws now exist to limit the existence of microorganisms, particularly those which affect human, animal and bird health in the environment and the food chain.

Effective and energy efficient microorganism elimination

A consequence of this concern has been that the development of technologies and solutions to improve the quality of water and air is now getting more and more attention worldwide. Included in these technologies is purification using ultraviolet-C light (UV-C), which has the benefit of being both efficient and arguably the most energy effective technology.

In the Netherlands UV-C has already been an established technology for decades to clean drinking water. Now also the attention for the benefits of UV-C technology for air purification is growing fast. UV-C units already disinfect air and surfaces in high risk hospital rooms, in-duct systems with UV-C lamps that are built into office buildings and re-circulators equipped with UV-C lamps and filters to clean for example the air in schools, children’s day-care centers, nursing homes etc..

Air purification system for spaces up to 100 m3

We have further developed this specific technique that is used in the large areas as mentioned above, and we put it in a mobile device: the Aetaire. So now it is is also possible to purify the air in smaller rooms up to 100 m3. Just think of cleaned air in appartments, hotel rooms, offices, smoking areas etc. where the chance of getting infected is much higher.

Air purification is easy


The Aetaire is effective against:

• Viruses
• Bacteria (see our MRSA test results!)
• Moulds
• House-dust mites
• Dust and particulates
• Pollen
• Cigarette smoke
• Harmful gases
• Odours

Can we help you with air purification in your environment?

Need more information about the Aetaire or what it can do for the air in your environment? Get directly in touch with one of our distributors or just contact us. Of course we are very happy to help you.