Purifying the air you breathe is no longer a superfluous luxury. An increasing number of micro-organisms can be found in the air, including viruses, bacteria and moulds, and these make our air less healthy to breath.



We are increasingly made aware of how dangerous these micro-organisms could become for human beings. As these micro-organisms cannot be seen with the naked eye and are spreading through the air, this hazard becomes even more pronounced.

Research indicates that the air quality in enclosed spaces can be very poor indeed. Office areas, children’s day-care centres, classrooms, old people’s homes and family doctors’ or dentists’ surgeries are examples of areas where many people come together, and where the risk of infection through the air is correspondingly higher.

Our houses are also much better insulated than they used to be, with the result that natural ventilation is steadily reduced.

The quality of the air inside is therefore often poorer than we think. Poor air quality at home is not only responsible for diseases, but can also be the cause of headaches, respiratory irritation, insomnia and allergies.

With an AIR 160 device, you can disinfect the air up to 99.7% in areas up to 100 m3 . In the case of larger areas, you can install several devices. Viruses, bacteria, moulds and other microorganisms that are present in the air are rendered harmless by the device and are removed from the air, together with pollen, dust and odours.

You will quickly notice how the quality of the air has improved, and will feel fitter and more comfortable. Your AIR 160 is the ideal tool to keep the air around you safe and healthy.

Easy to service, stylish and effective; the AIR160 offers it all.