AIR160/Aetaire is a proven and affordable system to improve working environments,
product/service quality and thus also your business result.

AIR160/Aetaire brings specific benefits to markets by decreasing bacteria and fungi in the air.
In each AIR160/Aetaire set-up at our clients, the amount of bacteria and fungi in the air decreased
between 50% (partially open rooms) and 99% (fully closed rooms).


The AIR160 is recommended for the following areas:


Decreasing negative influences such as bacteria and fungi will improve recovery of patients and clients. AIR160’s/Aetaires are installed at in the medical, dental and veterinarian field. Leading to a decrease in air pollution of up to 50%. This decrease can only benefit the recovery of patients. We are proud to be able to contribute to the healthcare system worldwide.


Decay of food is caused by bacteria. By reducing bacteria and fungi in the air of storage rooms, kitchens, factories etc. suppliers are able to increase shelf life and give their customers / guests products that are more fresh. And by bringing down decay there is less waste. So not only does the Aetaire improve the quality of supplied products, it also has a positive influence on the business economics.


A healthier working environment will lead to happier employees and less sickleave. Why pay attention to chairs, desks, etc. but forget about the largest area surrounding your employees; Air! Use Aetaire to minimise spreading of bacteria and to keep your staff healthy.


– TNO test result prove that AIR160/Aetaire realises disinfection rate of >3 log and >4log, meaning that it reaches disinfection.
– In semi-open locations cuch as (cold) storage rooms, an Aetaire demonstration has showed a decrease of bacteria and Fungi of 60-70%
– In open locations such dental and medical centres Aetaire decreases bacteria in the air with 50%

Let's prove it to you

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