HAF Filter

Double the efficiency

By using an electrostatic charge, Aetaire HAF filters are able to operate with twice the efficiency of was-hable foam. They attract, capture, and retain more particles than traditional filter media.

Get maximum water removalperformance

An Aetaire HAF filter keeps thedisinfection chamber of the Air 160 cleaner, so optimizeddisinfection is guaranteed. Plus, the filters open channel structure has minimal airflow resistance. With an HAF filter, you get maximum dust removal and maximum airflow to handle more volume.

Resists mould growth

An Aetaire HAF filter includes an antimicrobial agent that prevents mould from growing on its surface.In the warm Air 160 disinfection chamber, this can keep your filter from becoming a mould colony, which is quite possible with foam or paper filters

*From May 2020 onwards the HAF filter will be available only in a white execution.
The green filter will phasing out. Nothing will change in the quality, only the colour will be changed.

AIR160 PL-L UV-C lamp (Philips UV-C)

General specifications table

Name: 60 watt PL-L UV-C lamp
Brand: Philips Europe
Applicable for: Disinfection of air
Product dimensions: 42 x 1,8 x 3,8 cm
UV-C output emission: Peak at 253,7 nm
Article number: 2.25.1050
Packing volume: 1
Voltage: 84 volt
Weight: 96 gr.
Lamp connector: 2G11
Power: 60 Watt
Lamp current: 0,80 A
Lifetime: 9.000 hrs
UV-C output drop end of lamp life: 15%
HS code: 853939
Storage time: Min 5 years under dry conditions


Practical Floor stand for the AIR160 unit

Weight: 6 kg
Material: Steel
Colour: Anthracite gray powder coating
Dimensions: 1450 x 400 x 510 mm (L x W x D)
Article number: 2.25.1200